Mix & Match

Style guide

Are you considering mixing and matching? Follow our style guide below to help you figure out which combo would look best on you.

Eva & Sophia

This mix includes an Eva top, which is perfect for giving women with a fuller bosom better support, while the Sophia bottoms create a slimming effect on the waist.

Elle & Sophia

This is the perfect mix for smaller breasts, and for those that want to hide their belly. The adjustable band on the Elle top leaves more skin visible while the Sophia bottoms refine the silhouette.

Eva & Elle

Get maximum support with the Eva top and mini bikini line with the Elle bottoms. The adjustable bottom with its strings on the sides is perfect for women who want to have the bare minimum tanlines.

Sophia & Elle

For a sexy look, you can combine the Sophia top (fastened in the back) with the Elle bottoms which can be worn on the hips (70's) or very low cut (80's).

Elle blue & White

Try combining the blue Elle top with the white Elle bottoms. These two colors make a great duo for your sunny holidays.